Curriculum Vitae

Tamara Ivanova was born in Tbilissi; USSR.
She graduated from Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts in 1986, and later lectured at the same Institute.

From the early 90-s she is active as an artist and grafik-designer, working with various editions, magazines, and participating in art projects.
Tamara Ivanova moved to Berlin in 1994. Since that she took part in more than 30 Exhibitions in Germany, France, Ausria, Russia, and England.

Below ist the list of her last-years exhibitions activities


  • "Le Dernier Souper", Gallery Espace Owane, Paris
  • "Abendmahl", Dünzendorfer Gallery, Linz, Austria


  • "Magnetic Brush", El Locco Gallery, Berlin (Solo)
  • "Livres d´Artistes", Paul Bianchini Gallery "Toner", Paris.


  • "Estampes Numeriques" Paul Bianchini Gallery "Toner", Sens


  • "Synonimous Structures" Grafik und Artist Books, Paul Bianchini Gallery "Toner", Sens, Frankreich (Solo)
  • "7 Osteuropean Artists" Communal Gallery Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin


  • "Weihn-achts-ausstellung", Art-Concept Gallery, Berlin


  • House of Russian Culture and Science, Berlin


  • Summer session; Jewish Gallery, Berlin
  • "Magic window" Jewish Gallery, Berlin


  • Performance at FAB TV Gala , Haus der Berliner Festspiele


  • "Stadtneurotiker", KLIN Gallery, Berlin (Solo)
  • "Burleske", KLIN Gallery, Berlin
  • Exhibition in Church "Zum Heiligen Kreuz"


  • Grafik and objects. GAD Gallery, Berlin (Solo)


  • 4. Biennal of Artist Books - Bibliotheka Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt
  • "RE-Exhibition" Northampton University Gallery
  • SPACE Gallery of the University Portsmouth, England
  • "Mental Cost" Prasentation at TYPO-BERLIN-13. House of World cultures, Berlin
  • "Artist Books" GAD Gallery, Berlin


  • "The art of book", Worldliterature Library, Moscow

  • "Biblioparnasse", Dives-Sur-Mer, France

  • "Az-Alpha-Alef" GAD Gallery, Berlin


  • “Hand-made”, Zarizino palace, Moscow, Russia
  • “Sky in art”, Russian museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • “Russian handmade book”, Marceille, France


  • 8th International Fair and Competition of the Art books in Albi, France
  • "Forum", Central museum "Arsenal", Kiew (Ukraine)
  • "Museum of Artist Books", Museum of modern arts ERARTA, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Biennale WATER – Bad Breisig, Germany
  • "Sheffield International Artist Book" at the Bank Street Arts Centre, Sheffield
  • La Biennale Internationale des Livres d'Artistes BIBLIOPARBASSE, Dives-sur-Mer, France


  • Central Booking in Berlin, K-Salon, Berlin
  • "Made in Berlin" (Solo, together with M. Molochnikov), ArtRu, Moscow
  • Editionale, Neues Kunstforum, Köln
  • Russian contemporary art, Fondi, Italy
  • Toner!Toner! 20 Years of BIANCHINI Gallery Paris - Sens, Museum Orangerie, Sens, France


  • "The First Book". Zarizino Palace, Moscow
  • Artist-group MTM in Galerie VEREIN BERLINER KÜNSTLER
  • "Artgeschoss", Wolfenbüttel
  • 5th International Artists' Book Exhibition, King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary


  • Sub Rosa State Darwin Museum, Moscow


  • CODEX Artist Book Fair and Symposium. Berkeley, California

  • "Wildnis". Galerie Artgeschoss, Berlin
  • Einblicke in die Zeit, Kollektion Reinhard Grüner, Kunsthaus Fürstenfeldbruck, München

  • „Still Life“ Galerie Artgeschoss, Berlin
  •  Buy a book!  im Rahmen des NY Print week. Galerie Central booking, New York


  • ARTGESCHOSS. Academy of Arts, Braunschweig

Took part in:

  • Frankfurter Book Fair (2006 to 2014) 

  • Minipressen-Messe 2009 and 2013, Mainz 

  • Salon "Le Page" 2008, Paris

  • Marseille 
Artbook Fair, 2010
  • Whitechapel Gallery, London 2011

  • Artfair Buch-Basel, 2011

  • Frauenfelder Buch- und Handpressenmesse, 2012
  • 2013 und 2014

Collections u.a.: 

  • Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz;
  • Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum, Leipzig;
  • TATE modern, London;
  • Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek Köln;
  • Orangerie Museum, Sens, France;
  • Médiathèque Pierre Amalric et bibliothèques municipales d'Albi, France;
  • Collection Russian Museum, St. Petersburg;
  • Moscow Museum of Modern Arts;
  • Moscow Library of World literature;
  • Art library of the University of Miami, USA;
  • Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg;
  • Van Abbemuseum (LS collection), Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Collection Reinhard Grüner, Munich;
  • Gutenberg Museum, Mainz;
  • Collection Julia Vermes, Basel;
  • Collection Catarina Cardoso, Paris;
  • Collection Svetlana Kollerova, Moscow