Tamara Ivanova`s work is very much in the Russian Tradition. One finds the Spirit of constructivists like Malevich in her graphic works, with a touch of humor added. Her color works are in romantic european manner.
She started making works with copier several years ago, developing her own technique.
She is a part of new movement that enlists new technologies to alter and transmit personal visions. In her rapid development her strength and determination are visible.
Paul Bianchini (Leading figure in the art worlds of New York and Paris who in the 1960s brought Pop Art to worldwide attention and  1990 introduced a new wave of european artists). 
Press-Release for Exhibition “Synonimous Structures”
Tamara Ivanova works both in new and traditional art forms, from ironic imitations of folk genres to the creation of objects from found decorative materials. This absence of stilistic limits reflects the borderless habitat of the artists soul. Like a sensitive seisographic instrument, she registers the trembling of reality at the moment of its penetration by mysterious beings from the spirit world, which use the texture of our everyday lives for their ephemeral bodies' materialization. 

  Catalogue of the exhibition "Russian Contemporary Art 1950 - 2011", published by  State Russian Museum; St. Petersburg
The collection of Russian artist-books in the Berlin State Library have their historical roots in the Russian avantgarde. [...] The majority of the books originate from the very productive and manifold period, called the “postsoviet period of artist-books”. Moreover, a special and central attention is devoted to Russian artists Tamara Ivanova [...], who live in Berlin and enrich this city’s culture with their art.